“All kids have tremendous talents and we squander them…Creativity now is as important in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.”

– Sir Ken Robinson



Arts To Literacy (ATL) made its debut in Brooklyn, NY and migrated to Miami after identifying the inequalities in educational opportunities that children below the poverty line are expected to endure. We feel the need for such a program is evident. ATL introduces young people to an entrepreneurial world of art and entertainment while cultivating healthy self-expression paradigms, problem solving skills, self-control and academic achievement.

ATL’s mission is to use art, filmmaking and creative writing to teach personal sustainability, foster crucial life-skills, build self-esteem and ignite hope for the future of the disenfranchised youth of Miami- Dade. It is our vision to eradicate the “cradle to penitentiary” mentality that has eroded the ambition of our youth for far too long.

The program is designed to identify each participant’s strength and grant them the opportunity to apply those strengths artistically and express themselves through fine art, writing and producing short films as well as writing and publishing literature on their own from start to finish. Through this process children in the program learn the invaluable critical thinking and life skills involved in taking their dreams from inception to reality and most importantly self-sustainability for navigating in a world that is too often closed to them.


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